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Extended Gameplay Two Transport Fever 2

EG2 is a modification to Transport Fever 2 which is a sequel to Extended Gameplay and Immersion mod from Transport Fever

EG2 uses the game’s stock assets ( modes, scripts ) and mixes them in variety of ways to provide a new gameplay experience with regards to railroads. Locomotives and wagons get randomized, vehicles from mods get adjusted to EG2’s game balance. More track types get added. Cargo carrying vehicles get their capacities adjusted to realistic values with respect to cargo density and axle-loading of a rail vehicle.
Some adjustments were done to the vehicle physics which, especially in higher difficulty settings, make for a more involved gameplay.

Synopsis of changes:
Randomized rail vehicles
Mod vehicle compatibility
Realistic train capacities
Extended difficulty settings
Extended track types
Infrastructure biased balance
Variety of other, minor changes

Credits: uzurpatorex

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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