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Expanded Production Chains [Beta] 1.3 Transport Fever 2

Adds cargo types and industries available throughout the campaign into free play and adds some completely new production chains.


– Some existing production chains have been slightly altered – for instance, the tools factory now uses planks and steel instead of just planks – so be careful when adding the mod into an existing save game where might not have the options to quickly get the new requirements to the altered production buildings.


Unlocked cargo types and production chains from the campaign:
– Alcohol (was Whisky in the campaign)
– Alcoholic drinks (was Rum in the campaign)
– Aluminum
– Aluminum ore
– Asphalt
– Champagne
– Cigars
– Coffee
– Coffee berries
– Copper
– Copper ore
– Fish
– Tropical Fruit
– Gold
– Gold products
– Livestock
– Lubricants
– Marble
– Meat
– Oil sand
– Paper
– Sand
– Silver
– Silver ore
– Silver products
– Slag
– Sugar
– Tobacco
– War materials
– Waste water
– Water

Entirely new cargo types:
– Packaging cartons
– Cigarettes
– Fruit juice
– Fruit juice concentrate
– Grapes

Entirely new production chains:
– Vineyard produces grapes
– Champagne factory produces Champagne from grapes
– Cigarette factory produces cigarettes from tobacco and paper
– Packaging carton factory produces packaging carton from paper
– Fruit juice factory produces fruit juice from tropical fruit, sugar and water
– Fruit juice packaging plant produces fruit juice packets from fruit juice concentrate, water and packaging cartons

Altered production chains:
– Base game: Tools now require one of each: Steel, Planks
– Unlocked campaign production chains: Cigar factory now requires 2 tobacco instead of 1 tobacco and 1 paper

Credits: arminlinzbauer

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