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Ex-Renfe CP Simafe Passenger Cars Transport Fever 2

The 51 trains were bought by Comboios de Portugal from Renfe for 1.65 million euros after being discarded by the Spanish operator due to their age, the danger arising from finding asbestos in their structures and the commitment to high speed and self-propelled units. But the Portuguese Government recognizes that its country has a serious lack of railway equipment that it intends to solve with various purchases of used cars in other countries, so it has agreed to remove the asbestos from the affected wagons, improve and modernize them and put them into service in the route that reaches the Galician border, and the surpluses in interurban and regional lines.

The package purchased from Renfe consists of 36 cars of the 2000 series, known as Arco, which stopped working on March 1 last in the Intercity Camino de Santiago service with Irún and Hendaya, and 15 more wagons of services such as preferential, cafeteria and bunk beds.


This pack includes the following variants:

  • 1ª Clase (Business)
  • 2ª Clase (Turist)

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: ばか, Kaminari, CP - Comboios de Portugal

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