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European White Elm Cities Skylines

Introducing a large European White Elm (Ulmus laevis) AKA Fluttering Elm, Spreading Elm, Stately Elm and the Russian Elm in the U.S. It is native to Europe and can be found from France to Finland and east into Kazakhstan. It’s also introduced in the UK. This is a large tree that can grow up to 30 meters and is very tolerant to wetlands.

This is one of the largest trees I made for Cities Skylines so far. I went for realism as best I can making the leaves small as you would see them in real life. It gives this tree a distict look adding a fluffy texture among other trees for a realistic foliage option. The trunk and branches were also modeled with many curves to capture the character of the White elm. This tree will look good in any situation that calls for a large tree.

White Elm- 4014 tris 2048×1024 textures. Not meant to make a whole forest so don’t be afraid. Just use wisely

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Credits: MrMaison

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