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Estonian Focus Tree Hearts of Iron IV

This mod adds an Focus Tree for Estonia with a total of 101 Focuses! This Focus Tree aims to make Estonia much more Interesting to play as.

This Mod in Numbers:
Total Amount of Focuses : 101
Total Amount of National Spirits : 35
Total Amount of Political Decisions: 12(will add more soon)
Total Amount of Events added by this mod: 0 (will also add soon)

Communist Path:
-Takes some time to unlock(After forming the Workers Council you unlock Decisions to Spread more Communist Influence)
-Good Amount of Manpower
-Great Expansion Possibilitys
-Good Amount of Factories
-Much more!

Democratic/Non-Alligned path:
-Good Amount of Factories(After Inviting Foreign Investors you unlock economic Decisions)
-No Expansion Possibilitys
-Overall Great for Defensive games
-Much more!

Fascist Path:
-Lots of Industrial buffs(Unlocks Fascist Plans Decisions after Overthrowing the government)
-Good Expansion Possibilitys
-Great Army buffs
-vulnerable to the Soviets

Credits: feuerdoge

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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