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Era of Discovery Hearts of Iron IV

Welcome to the official alpha of the Hearts of Iron IV: Era of Discovery Mod!

Era of Discovery is a Historical mod set in the years 1494-1560 with at first a start date from 1550-1560 and then we will later make earlier start dates focusing on different points within the Italian Wars.The mod is to encompass the historical events in the latter half of the 16th century like the Protestant Reformation, Italian Wars, and Wars of Religion. We will then focus on colonization in the Americas and Africa as well as Asia.

The mod is currently in its alpha 0.1 stage, so that means there is still a lot of stuff that remains incomplete. The mod should still be enjoyable at this point. Current features include:

-1550 start date and realistic populations
-A focus tree for the major nations: France, Spain, Austria (WIP), England, Scotland, Russia, Papal States, and the Ottoman Empire.
-Work in progress focus trees include Portugal, Savoy, Brandenburg, and Poland.
-Custom Leaders, nations, and generals like Charles III, Duke of Lorraine and Albert I, Duke of Holstein.
-A plethora of events.
-Custom ideologies and estate interactions.
-Custom icons, fitting more with the 16th century feel.
-Reworked states.
-Colonization mechanics and technology.
-Custom Economy mechanics based on Europa Universalis IV.

This project is still in early development, so there will be steady regular updates of things that need to be added. Currently things that are planned:

-Finish the work in progress focus trees.
-More focus trees.
-More events.
-Limited rework of technology
-custom skins for troops in the major countries.
-Addition of Landmarks like Palace of Westminster, Louvre, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and Hagia Sofia.

This mod is still in its early development, so consider it usual for the game to contain bugs or other issues that may hinder the playability of the mod.

Credits: Louis XIV

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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