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Era C Railway Station Refurbishments Transport Fever 2

To complete the set of refurbished stations, here are five colour schemes for the Era C structures.

Presently these are the colour schemes for the station main and side buildings:

1. Teal and light grey
2. Black glass facade
3. Wood
4. Orange brick/green copper roof
5. London Underground style by MadHatter

This version, like Eras A and B, now includes empty platforms without assets and subway stairs without assets. There are also enhanced UI icons showing to which era the modules belong, given that some of the backgrounds are reused across three mods.

Thanks to MadHatter’s scripting skills, these stations will now take any track. The mod has been tested with MadHatter’s own speed-limited tracks, ballast-only tracks and – should you ever need it – invisible track.

The models and other materials are all the intellectual property of Urban Games; I am responsible for a small amount of scripting and the textures.

Credits: Quince99

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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