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Equestria At War Hearts of Iron IV

Equestria At War mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Equestria at war is a complete modification mod that alters HOI4 to transport us to a mythical and magical world located in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic univeres. In Equestria At War the players are able to choose several ficticious nations inhabited by diverse species (ponies, changelings, griffons, deer, etc.) which will wage wars, conflicts and diplomacy among each other. Each species has its own specific tech tree which differentiates it from others. Theres tons of interesting Focus Trees within the mod for lots of countries.

Without any doubt Equestria at War is one of the most spectacular mods for Hearts of Iron IV due to its amount of content, its dedicated community and the great stability and performance that it has within the game.

Notes: This version is in a very early stage of development and thus it isn’t possible to have a partial or complete experience in the spanish language.

Credits: Revazul

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