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Enhanced Line Designators Transport Fever 2

Simply write your desired designator in brackets in the line name. For example: The line name ‘Metrobus (M16) Central Station – Airport’ gets visible as ‘M16’ on the vehicles. If you don’t have brackets in your line name, no designator will show up, only the first stop.
This way you can keep a well structured line menu and also show your passengers a wider variety of line designators (alphanumeric instead of numbers only).
The mod affects both vanilla and mod vehicles of any type and can be activated or removed from your savegame at any time. Anyway it should appear *in the loading order after vehicle mods*! Information displays inside the vehicle, which show the next stop, will not be modified (as long as the script recognizes this properly).

If you never thought about more realistic line designators you probably don’t need this mod – but if you did, have fun.

Update 1.9: Now any character exept ‘(‘ and ‘)’ should be supported in the line designators and designators are now shown more reliable on almost all vehicles, including the Bombardier Talent2 / Talent3 by MaikC and BVG F92 by ERXC.
For vehicle modders: By default all labels with NEXT_STOP and LINE_NAME will be modified if they are located outside of the vehicle (calculated by using the boundingInfo with a small margin). If you don’t want a certain label to be modified, simply add ‘dontModify = true’ to this label.

Credits: lennardo_97

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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