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Empire Total War – Causa Belli 2.01

causabelli201-empiretotalwarEmpire Total War Causa Belli V 2.01 mod.

Copy(from CB folder) > ETW > Data


Activate DME launcher > FILE > GO > Mod Folder > Campaigns > Custom

1)Copy the Scripting.lua(from CB) over to the Custom folder
2)Rename the startpos.esf(in the CB folder) to XT_startpos.esf. Replacing the X with the amount of turns you chose from the cb folder.
*Example: So if you used the startpos.esf from the 4tpy folder than it should be renamed to 4T_startpos.esf
3)copy the renamed file over to the Custom folder for DME.

From the Launcher > EDIT > User Script

Add these lines in the blank space, one at a time and press add after each one.
cb_localisation *note: It’s spelled with a “S” not a “Z”.*

Then press the Update User Script

Check the bottom left corner of the launcher and make sure it says

X Turns/year*

*with X being the same number you have for the renamed startpos.esf file.

Then click on START so the launcher can activate the files and enjoy.

thanks to Akumu

Credits: alhoon, hammeredalways,Lexandro81, Xwhyzed Testers: ReQuest, sir diman, Willowmound, YourKaiser
Test: This mod tested by newmods.net

File Details:370 MB / RAR
Download Empire Total War – Causa Belli 2.01 - Original Link


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