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The EMD SDP40F was a six-axle 3,000 hp (2.2 MW) C-C diesel–electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD) from 1973–1974. EMD built 150 for Amtrak, the operator of most intercity passenger trains in the United States. Amtrak, a private company but funded by the United States government, had begun operation in 1971 with a fleet of aging diesel locomotives inherited from various private railroads. The SDP40F was the first diesel locomotive built new for Amtrak and for a brief time they formed the backbone of the company’s long-distance fleet.

Amtrak early and late models
ATSF early and late models  

Max Speed : 161 km/h
Engine type : Diesel
Power : 2200 kW
Tractive effort : 200 kN
Emission : 70
Weight : 170 t
Build date : 1967
Lifespan : 50 years
Price : $8.610.642
Maint/year : $1.435.107

Credits: Dadang Ngegame

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