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EMD SD70Ace Bnsf & Mrl Transport Fever

Locomotive package for Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Montana Rail.

The EMD SD70ACe, as with General Electric’s Evolution Series models, was born out of a requirement by the EPA that new locomotives meet the agency’s then-Tier II standards for diesel admissions. Built from 2004 to 2014, beginning in 2012, newly built SD70ACe’s were EPA Tier 3 compliant. Since the production run began, EMD received orders form various railroads around the world, including every Class 1 railroad and sold many thousand locomotives to them.

Included are the following paint schemes:
BNSF Railway
Montana Rail Link

3 Lod’s
Manned and unmanned / turned versions
custom soundset

Technical specifications:
Maximum speed: 70 mph
Power: 3206.5 KW
Tractive effort: 889.6 KN
Availability: from 2005

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: zukzf

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