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Egypt Rework Civ 6

Egypt isn’t a badly done civ, but it’s always struck me as relatively passive and unexciting (which I suppose is good for a starter civ, but I want my Egypt to be exciting darnit!). They receive an uninspiring (but not weak) bonus to constructing districts and wonders next to rivers. The damage from their floods is just negated with no extra changes, which ironically makes those events less interesting than they would be for other players. hardly fitting for a people who relied so heavily on the flooding of the Nile.

Plus, I hate the Sphinx conceptually. It feels a bit like giving France a gargoyle for a tile improvement if you ask me. It’s been removed, and it ain’t coming back.

So this reworks changes things up a bit. While this reworked Egypt still revolves around rivers and floods, you will have to actively plan to make the most out of their new abilities; and if done well, you will reap much more impressive rewards.

Required DLC:
Sid Meier’s Civilizationu00ae VI: Gathering Storm

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Credits: sukritact

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