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Eastern Sunrise Hearts of Iron IV

Welcome to the Eastern Sunrise!
Perhaps 2 years ago you saw him in the steam, but now he has changed dramatically and will continue to improve. This version is an introductory one – it tells about the past and present of the gaming countries. but not about the future! The content HERE IS STILL for half an hour or for an hour. The full version will be released, I think, in the summer.

At the moment, these countries have content:
– White Russia on the Far East
– Tavrida
– Russian Cossack Army
– The Soviet Union
– Governorship of Ceylon

Brief reference:
There are sacred relics in this world – old tools of higher civilizations left on Earth several thousand years ago. With their help, Britain, Russia, the Soviet Union, Germany, France and other superpowers want to realize their geopolitical goals without incurring such losses as in the First World War.

Credits: Velikaya_gusenniza

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