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CP 2600 / 2620 Transport Fever 2

From 1974, Alstom delivered 12 locomotives of the first batch to the Portuguese National Railway Company, CP.
Thirteen years later, CP added a second sub-class, the Class 2620, assembled at Sorefame.
These have some evolutions over the original Class 2600, visible on the upper headlight and the nose of the cab.
Directly derived from the French nez-cassés, they have crisscrossed Portugal for over 40 years before being progressively deactivated in the 2010s.
2020 saw the return of part of the fleet parked for a decade. They received a complete overhaul before progressively being put back into service.

Having two different speed ratios (100 and 160km/h), they were the star of passenger and freight trains for nearly 20 years.
Go to all four corners of Portugal with the Class 2600!

In this pack, you will find:

  • CP 2601, livery year of rail, 2021
  • CP 2602, historical livery, in its 1974 state.
  • CP 2605, historical livery, with ‘sorefame’ mirrors.
  • CP 2608, CP livery, in its 1992 state with modified crossbar.
  • CP 2611, CP livery, with commemorative plaque of Pope John Paul II
  • CP 2621, CP livery, in its 1987 state with its smaller headlight and modified MUX sockets.
  • CP 2627, CP livery, in its 2021 state with two MUX sockets.


  • Anachron
  • Fimilfinfaon
  • Baka
  • Blackwizard
  • Densha Weeb
  • Rbsmotionpicture
  • Legoman
  • CP – Comboios de Portugal

Credits: ばか, Popcat, Transport Fever France, CP - Comboios de Portugal, Legoman7, Anachron

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