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Cork in Ireland, based on height map available via Terrain Party.

The hight map is unfortunately not as detailed as hoped and it was a lot of guessing and hard work to make it look like this. So a lot of time was spent in Google Earth / Maps and topography websites.

Due to basic limitations of the water system in Cities: Skylines, the smaller “canal/creek” like areas in cork are now more like real rivers, I tried to keep them as small as possible (I also decided not to include all little canal/creeks actually to be found in this region).

With basic 9 tiles, you can build the entire city of Cork including its many urban areas.

With 25 tiles option, you can build up to Glanmire, Cork airport, etc.

All roads, train, airplane and ship connections have been done as close to the original as possible. Including the basic intersections to give you a start into the game.

As there are no tunnels, the N40 to M8 connection had to be a bridge, and the train connection to Dublin, had to go over the hill not through the tunnel direction Blackpool.

To make the ship conneciton possible, I had to widen the area around Monkstown and Cobh as it was too narrow for the internal systems, else there would’ve been no ship connection possible.

For natural resources, there are trees (wonder if it looked like this here before the farmland ;p). A good amount of fertile land and last but not least oil. Yes oil, even though it has been found in West Cork, I added it to the city for some extra industry.

Credits: Noiranda

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