StationsTransport Fever 2

Configurable Freight Station Transport Fever 2

A configurable truck station with several options.

You can select from 1 to 8 platforms.
Platform capacity increases in multiples of 16, with these values being doubled or tripled with the wider platform options. If you select maximum length and width, each platform will hold 384 items. Not quite warehouse level, but probably sufficient for most applications. With the addition of shared storage, this limit is now increased considerably.

One entrance, which I refer to as ‘east’ is fixed. The other two, ‘west’ and ‘south’ are optional.

There are a number of cosmetic options available to you – entrance road type, ground textures, platform textures, and fences. These don’t affect functionality in any way, they just let you add some variety to different stations.

Freight trams are supported if you want to go there. If you’re using the two lane entrance ways, each lane is available as an exit to each platform. This will ensure that you don’t have trams, or trucks for that matter, doing goofy things because they want to turn left on exit.

As a word of warning, it’s really not a good idea to change the layout of the station while there are trucks in it. While I was working on it, I did this any number of times and occasionally ended up with vehicles being reversed in place, effectively becoming left hand drive. This caused some serious traffic issues as one might imagine. There was no solution other than selling the affected vehicles and deleting the station. I think I have eliminated the cause of this problem, but I still won’t recommend changing the geometry of the station without first clearing out any vehicles present.

I left the availability of the station wide open. It starts in 1850. If you want to change that, you can edit the very first line in res/construction/station/street/dsd_rs4.con

v1.1 – fixed problems with internal lane structure
v1.2 – fixed problems with internal lane structure
v1.3 – bug fix
v1.4 – added shared storage
v1.5 – stopped spamming stdout.txt

Credits: doug

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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