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Column of Constantine, Reconstructed

This is an early Byzantine reconstruction of the Column of Constantine inspired by various reconstructions across the Internet. It might not be entirely accurate as the original form of the monument was lost and modified over the millennia.

The modern version of the monument will be published at a later date.

Any kind of nationalism, irredentism, or xenophobia will not be tolerated. Please be civil!

Historical Data:
The Column of Constantine is a Roman monumental column built for Emperor Constantine the Great to commemorate the dedication of Constantinople. The monument withstood millennia of glory and fall, albeit with major transformations reflecting its current place in the society it existed within.

Around 1100 A.D. the column’s statue was knocked off by strong winds and was never restored. In its place, by the orders of Emperor Manuel I, a cross was put. During the Latin invasion of Constantinople, the monument was plundered heavily; with most of its ornaments looted, what remained was a bare bones structure.

After the fall of Constantinople, the cross was removed, however the monument itself remained intact. Unfortunately, during the year 1779, a fire in the surrounding neighborhood damaged the column, leaving it with black scorch marks. The monument was later restored by Abdulhamid I, who had the current masonry base added.

Credits: Beneficarum

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