Call Of Duty 2

Cod 2 – Merciless Matador Mod (More Blood)


– Blood on player hands
– Extra gore (configurable)
– Blood splatters on the ground/wall
– Pain/death sounds (configurable)
– Blood pools under the player when killed
– Blood on player camera
– Bleeding
– Custom HUD
– 2 new grenades (Firegrenade, Gasgrenade)
– Ai can get decapitated (configurable)
– Projectile/grenade weapons will gib
– sprinting(configurable)
– switch trough your different nadetypes(smoke,gas,fire)
– call airstrikes
– use flamethrower (ai/player)

How To Install Mod:
Before installing “Merciless MatadoR” update your “CoD2” to version 1.2!

To install this mod properly see below:

Run the Merciless MatadoR installer.
If your game is installed to the default location (c:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2)
then do NOT modify the installation path already set on the Merciless installation program.
This is very important, so please heed this.

If your game is NOT installed to the default location,
then you will need to set the installation path as follows:
“x:\game path\call of duty 2”
(x:\ = drive where game is installed)
(game path = directory where game is installed).- Blood on Ai bodies (based on hit location and weapon)

Credits: Merciless Team

File Details:147 MB / ZIP
Download Link #1


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