Civ 6

Civ 6 – TCS Pedialite

TCS Pedialite for Civ 6.

This mod adds information about active mods and game/map configuration to the in-game Civilopedia. Some of this information may have been accessible previously in a more limited form, and some was not accessible from within the game at all.


  • A list of installed DLC and mods, organized by whether they are active or inactive
  • A page for each DLC and mod with detailed information pulled from the .modinfo file as well as additional details which may be of interest
  • Mods and DLC are searchable by name within the Civilopedia
  • A Surveyor page which exposes all Setup parameters used to create the game, as well as detailed map information
  • Map/Game configuration and Seed values reported to Lua.log
  • Basic mod installation instructions, including likely Mods folder path on Windows, Mac, and iOS

The information on the Surveyor page includes:

  • Game setup information (Player Count, Difficulty, Speed, Ruleset, Game Modes, etc)
  • Map setup information (Script, Size, Temperature/Age/etc)
  • Advanced options (No Goody Huts, No Barbarians, etc)
  • Game and Map seeds

The information on each mod page includes:

  • Mod Teaser
  • Mod Description
  • Mod Id, Last Updated, Created, Steam Workshop folder id (if exists)
  • Credits
  • Compatibility Info (game version, save game, single/multi/hotseat)
  • Installation type (purchase, workshop, manual)
  • Dependencies, References, and Blocks


Compatibility with any mod that does not replace CivilopediaScreen.lua.

Credits: thecrazyscotsman

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