Civ 6

Civ 6 – SM Balanced Difficulty

SM Balanced Difficulty for Civilization VI.

The difficulty AI mods out there were just not right for me. So I made this version based on all the ones out there and decided to share in case anyone else has the same needs.

I wanted Prince to feel like the AI’s are balanced in power with the player rather than being significantly weaker. Higher difficulties the AI’s should still feel challenging.

– Increased combat strength of AI units by 2 starting from prince difficulty. Deity therefore ends up +6 instead of +4 (As players are naturally better at 4x combat).
– Removed science and culture free perks and science/culture % bonuses to AI from difficulty to slow down game pacing a little bit.
– Added tourism and food bonuses of 3% per difficulty level above prince to balance the removal of science and culture bonuses.
– Each era scales AI food, gold, production, faith and tourism up to 15% at the future era (Including Prince difficulty) on top of difficulty bonuses.
– Each era scales AI science and culture up to 25% at the future era (Including Prince difficulty). So the AI’s can attempt to catch up with player as game progresses.

(Note I haven’t removed the bonus units at higher difficulties, that is intentional)

I recommend using this with a game pacing mod.

Works with Gathering Storm. Not all effects will be active when enabled or disabled on a existing saved game.

Credits: General Kysieran

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