Civ 6

Civ 6 – Reduced Mountain Clumping

Reduced Mountain Clumping mod for Civilization VI.

Reduces the excessive mountain clumping introduced in Gathering Storm.

Mountains will generate at their pre-GS levels. Volcanoes are unaffected.

Maps in Gathering Storm have many more mountains than in the base game or Rise & Fall. This is because long, dense mountain ranges now form along continent boundaries. However, the normal amount of regular mountains is still generated. What’s even more challenging is that these mountains are not really affected by the Old/New world settings.

Reduced Mountain Clumping greatly reduces the number of mountains that form along continent lines, while maintaining the volcanoes that form there!

The end result is that mountains are restored to their original, pre-GS amounts.

Now, maps will be less cluttered, have more useful space, and volcanoes will affect more usable tiles!

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Scrum Lord for pointing out the relevant function in the script!

Credits: p0kiehl

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