Civ 6

Civ 6 – Open Sea

Open Sea mod for Civ 6.

Have you ever be in a situation where AI denounce you meaning you can’t ask him “Open borders” to let your poor boat go outside ? Because with this mod, it wil never happen again.
Now, boat don’t care anymore about borders and can pass througth everybody borders. It should work with every vanilla and DLC boat and unique boat.
Also, AI seems to be unable to use this mod feature so it is really usefull only to you.

How to use the mod ?
When the mod is active, your boat can pass in other nation territory but still can lead to a Surprise War if you move them. To avoid this, move only on unseen or undiscovered tile. It is only when you move a unit in a seen tile that the “Surprise War” event will occure.

This mod should be able to work with any mod that don’t massively change the code of boat.

Credits: SpatialX

Download Link #1

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