Civ 6

Civ 6 – National Infrastructure Projects

National Infrastructure Projects mod for Civilization VI.

Add Build National Infrastructure projects that permanently increase their respective yields in all cities. The cost of the projects are very high but they are good development projects for new cities.

All the following projects has a base cost of 100 Production and increase as the game progresses. On completion, increase yields permanently throughout your empire. Apply to cities built later too. Note: you only need the district for building the projects. All cities benefit from the completion without having to build the respective district.

  • National Food Infrastructure – Harbor: +2% Food in all cities.
  • National Gold Infrastructure – Commercial Hub: +1% Growth in all cities.
  • National Industrial Infrastructure – Industrial Zone: +1% Production in all cities.
  • National Religious Infrastructure – Holy Site: +1% Faith in all cities.
  • National Research Infrastructure – Campus: +1% Science in all cities.
  • National Cultural Infrastructure – Theater Square: +1% Culture in all cities.

Credits: Luke 4:18

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