Civ 6

Civ 6 – Merricks Serbia

Merricks Serbia for Civilization VI.

Adds the Serbia led by Karadorde. They receive culture and loyalty from earning Era Score, and can use their unique pikeman to reinforce their borders. Their unique museum can be built in place of the Art or Archaeological museums and provides a new place to fill with great works of writing, for a strong theming bonus.

Receive Culture per turn based on 1/4 your current Era Score.
Earning a Historic Moment grants a boost of Loyalty in all cities, equal to the points earned.
Bastinik (Replaces Pikeman)

Higher Combat Strength (44 vs. 41)
+5 Combat Strength when fighting adjacent to your borders.
Can build a Fort or Road.
Can be expended to rush the production of an Encampments or Walls.
Matica (Standalone Museum)

+2 Culture and +2 Science.
+2 Great Writer Points and +1 Great Artist Point per turn.
Holds four slots for Great Works of Writing
Theming Bonus: Doubles Tourism output when displaying Great Works from different Writers.
Orasac Assembly

Melee, Anti-Cavalry, Ranged, and Cavalry units generate Great General Points from combat victories while fighting in or adjacent to home territory.
Can build the Frajkori unique unit.
Frajkori (Standalone)

Unlocks at Nationalism:
2x Flanking Bonus.
Pillaging costs 1 movement.
Black George

Compatible with YNAMP

Credits: Merrick

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