Civ 6

Civ 6 – Industry

Industry for Civilization VI.

Add 4 new buildings (based on workshop) in industry zone, which makes industry zone more important and valuable to build.I will add more buildings (based on factory) in the future, and they will be a complete supply chain.And player would enjoy the pleasure from industry.

1. Paper mill
+3 production
Every lumber mill add +2 production +3 gold to it.

2. Printing house(need paper mill)
+5 production
(In this city) Library +2 Science, University +4 [ICON_SCIENCE] Science.Amphitheater +2 culture, museum +4 culture. Shrine+2 Faith.

3.Metallurgical plant
+3 production
Every mine +2 production +1 science to it.

+5 production (need metallurgical plant)
All military units product in this city +5 combat strength.

Credits: Feel the fish

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