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Civ 6 – District Expansion: Theater

District Expansion: Theater mod for Civilization VI.

New culture-focused building choices for the Theater Square, which is renamed to “Civic Square”. Adds a total of 6 new buildings and reworks the existing buildings as well, now stretching over 4 (!) tiers instead of 3, not counting Museums which are now separate from the tier progression.

The new bonuses provide each city with a multitude of ways to earn Culture and even some Tourism, Loyalty, and Amenities. This mod is designed to make especially large cities more powerful for culture, intended to allow a culture game to be played with tall cities. The necessity to gain new cities just for more Great Works slots is reduced.

Create cultural venues so glorious that people shall sing and dance all day long.

FEEDBACK REQUEST: I’d love to hear from players who have finished a couple of matches with this mod how overall cultural progress is affected, whether it speeds up notably. If necessary, I can increase civics cost across the board based on such feedback.


  • Renames Theater Square to Civic Square to avoid a double appearance of “Theater” as well as to represent the more complex role it now has.
  • Reworked the 4 existing buildings in Civic Square (see below for details). Amphitheater renamed to just “Theater”, Broadcast Center renamed to “Broadcast Tower”.
  • 6 new buildings added: Assembly, Cabinet (of Curiosities), Mansion, Opera House, Grand Hotel, and Media Center (see below for details).
  • Unique 3d art and icons for all these buildings.
  • Museums are no longer part of the regular building progression. Requiring only a tier 2 building and their individual prerequisite Civic, they are mainly just a way to get more slots which can be themed, whereas the regular buildings cannot be themed. No longer unlock Archaeology Museums before knowing what Archaeology is.
  • New buildings make Great Musicians available earlier and fit the classical works of music better thematically.
  • Adjusted some Inspirations to include the new buildings.
  • Grand Opera policy renamed to “Grand Ball of Arts” and it no longer buffs building yields by +50%/+100%, but by +1/+2 Culture respectively. This change was necessary for mechanical reasons.

Required DLC:
Sid Meieru2019s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Credits: JNR

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