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Civ 6 – District Expansion: Aqueduct

District Expansion: Aqueduct mod for Civilization VI.

New buildings for the Aqueduct, which is renamed to “Cistern” (The Roman Bath is now named “Aqueduct” instead). Adds a total of 3 new buildings as well as the Sewer, which is reworked, stretching over 2 tiers.

The new bonuses provide each city with a multitude of ways to earn all kinds of yields and other bonuses. This mod is designed to make cities not only grow larger, but also make any large metropolis more powerful. The new buildings will not only require certain buildings in other districts but also offer strong bonuses which are tied to city size.


  • Renames Aqueduct to Cistern. Graphics are changed to no longer include an actual Aqueduct to make space for buildings. Roman Bath district is renamed to Aqueduct instead and keeps the Aqueduct graphics as well.
  • District cost and maintenance increased to match other districts and to account for the district being more powerful.
  • Cistern now adds to Trade Route yields and can hold Specialists (+1 Production by default).
  • Reworked the Sewer building and moved it to the Aqueduct as a tier 2 building.
  • 3 new buildings added (all as tier 1): Orchard, Hammer Works, and Bathhouse (see below for details).
  • Unique 3d art and icons for all these buildings.
  • New Policy: Reservoirs (Economic; requires Recorded History civic). Grants +1 Food to all Farms adjacent to Cisterns, Dams, and Canals.

Required DLC:
Sid Meieru2019s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Credits: JNR

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