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Civ 6 – Cohort – Dynamic Unit Names

Cohort – Dynamic Unit Names mod for Civilization VI.

Your cities can have dynamic names, and your civ and leader can have dynamic titles, but what about your poor units – trudging their way across the map in anonymity? Well, no longer! Now your units can trudge in style with Cohort, a mod that dynamically creates names for units.

Your units will now be have a bit more identity to them, with some even drawing upon unique names, including Roman Legions, Canadian Mounties, and the Dutch Zeven Provincien. Some civs even have unique names lists to provide historically accurate ship names! More names will be added as development continues, but feel free to leave suggestions in the discussion below!

Should work with all mods that don’t overwrite the UnitBanner file – and comes with compatibility built-in for my Nomina mod!

A full list of naming schemes can be found here.[]

– Units that have names assigned to them cannot receive nicknames.
– Unit names update on turn start (for the icon hover) and on giving an order (Unit Panel).
– Currently only available in English – hope to have other languages added soon!

Credits: SeelingCat

Download Link #1

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