Civ 6

Civ 6 – Better Spectator Mod (BSM)

Better Spectator Mod (BSM) for Civ 6.

Version 1.1.2 (Compatible with the latest content)

Originally built for Civilization esports event (e.g. CWC, ZLAN tournaments), this mod is intended for casters to follow and comment MP games. It is also a good way to simulate AI battle royale in SP.

In-game improvements:

  • Allow up to 4 players to play the game as observers
  • Click on the player’s portrait in the HUD to jump to a player’s POV
  • In a player’s POV you can see his Tech Tree choice, Cards and more
  • Use the button in the Spectator bar in order to access more infos on each players’ stats

How to be an observer:

  • In single player select the “Spectator” leader
  • In MP the top 4 slots are able to select the “Spectator” leaver

Note: You need to select Spectator as a Leader to access those features. In Multiplayer this function is restricted to the top 4 slots. Using Multiplayer Helper is not compulsory but if Multiplayer Helper is installed you will have access to more functions (e.g. preventing random players to play as spectators)

CPL is a league of players who love civ6 and would do anything for one more turn.
Come join the fun if you are up for the challenge. New players are always welcome.

Credits: D. / Jack The Narrator

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