Civ 6

Civ 6 – Better Balanced Starts

Better Balanced Starts mod for Civilization VI.

V1.4.1 – Compatible with Gaul patch

Optimise the spawn location of each players for a better, more balanced, multiplayer experience.
Also unlock advanced map settings.

In-game improvements:

  • Spawns would now consider all the start bias of your civilization
  • Spawns would be spaced evenly to allow more distance between civs and less clustering
  • Only Tundra Civs (e.g. Russia) can spawn in Tundra, only Desert Civs (e.g. Mali) can spawn in Desert
  • Spawns are balanced based on the average yield concentration of the best 4 tiles
  • Spawns have minimum food and production values based on the resource settings
  • Resources cannot block your only valid harbor location
  • And much more…

Frontend improvements:

  • Add Ridge Definition Setting: for classic Civ mountains or GS ones
  • Add Strategic Resource Setting: to dial strategic abundance
  • Add Placement Setting: To customise placement in team game

CPL is a league of players who love civ6 and would do anything for one more turn.
Come join the fun if you are up for the challenge. New players are always welcome.

Credits: D. / Jack The Narrator

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