Civ 6

Civ 6 – Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle for Civilization VI.

The Bermuda Triangle is a fun Natural Wonder, but most of the time you can’t actually work the tiles, and on the rare occasion that it is within range of your cities, the Science just feels broken.

Bermuda Triangle++ rebalances the spawning behavior and yields of the Bermuda Triangle so your cities can actually work it without the yields being ridiculously OP!

Bermuda Triangle:
The Bermuda Triangle now spawns in Coast tiles, not deep Ocean. This means that when it spawns, it will nearly always be workable!
The Bermuda Triangle now provides +1 Science, +1 Food, and +1 Gold to adjacent tiles, instead of +5 Science to adjacent tiles.

Fully compatible with Terra Mirabilis

Required DLC:
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Maya & Gran Colombia Pack

Credits: p0kiehl

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