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Cities:Skylines – Tsunami Disaster


Cities:Skylines – Tsunami Maker. Steam Workshop Link.

With no disasters included with Cities Skylines, it has come to my attention that the citizens’ lives are much too easy and risk free. Therefore I have created this mod that will kill every last one of them (potentially).
Are your city streets gridlocked with traffic? Make a tsunami! Do you have excess amounts of garbage that you can’t afford to clean up? Tsunami! The tsunami mod will solve all your cities problems, guaranteed. Use with caution.

How to use
Make sure to enable the mod first

Hold shift and right-click. To make a tidal wave just right-click once. To make a tsunami, hold right-click and keep your mouse cursor in the same place. Doing this for about 30 seconds will make a pretty big tsunami, but you can do it for as long as you want. To make a mega-tsunami, do the same but move your mouse in small circles.
Any buildings and trees that are submerged for long enough will be destroyed (need auto-demolish mod enabled – may cause lag spikes). The tsunami water should eventually drain back into the ocean or evaporate.

If this mod doesn’t work for you, the key combination is likely conflicting with another mod. Try disabling other mods and see if it works

Disclaimer: THIS CAN POTENTIALLY DESTROY YOUR CITY. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU FLOOD YOUR CITY AND THEN OVERWRITE YOUR SAVE FILE! If you have an auto-saver I recommend turning it off when using this mod!

Version 1.04 (26/3/15)

Credits: NS5 X

File Details:3,2 KB / ZIP
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