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Cities:Skylines – Toxic Waste Treatment Plant


Toxic Waste Treatment Plant takes care of any harmful waste produced by your city. It acts as a garbage incineration plant, but has double the radius and needs more educated staff. As a specialized plant it is slightly more expensive, but also more efficient (less pollution).

No custom assets or mods are needed. It is After Dark friendly (lit up at night), but should work without it too.


Size: 5×5
Type: Garbage building, incineration plant
Construction cost: 30 000
Maintenance cost: 10 000
Collection radius: 4000
Garbage capacity: 400 000
Garbage consumption: 3000
Garbage trucks: 27
Electricity production: 750
Water/sewage: 12/12
Workers: uneducated 5, educated 15, well educated 10, highly educated 10
Pollution accumulation: 50
Pollution radius: 75

I made the 3D model and the textures. This mod Steam Workshop Link

Credits: niis-ku

File Details:1,1 MB / ZIP
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