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Cities:Skylines – Police Headquarter


Police Headquarter by Tante Tinnitus

Polys: 1.814 Steam Workshop Link.

Textur: 2048×2048 a,d,i,n,s
Lod Textur: 256×256 a,d,i,n,s

Area: 7 x 4

Milestone: yes – same as Original Ingame Police Headquarter

Electricity : 80 MW

Constr. Cost: 60.000

Maint. Cost: 10.000

Water Consumption: 30m3

Workers : 100
uneducated 5
educated 25
well educated 40
highly educat. 30

Police Car Count: 25
Jail Capacity: 60

Thx at all other Asset creators for there works – Have Fun with the Asset

Credits: Tante Tinnitus

File Details:2,2 MB / ZIP
Download Cities:Skylines – Police Headquarter -


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