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Cities:Skylines – New Recycling Center


Increased collection radius, number of vehicles (now 25) & electricity production (now 5MW instead of 0), decreased noise (now 0). All other stats are the same. This mod adds garbage build at the game. Steam Workshop link.

Renamed it “New Recycling Center” so that it wouldn’t have a name conflict with the 20 other assets named “Recycling center”.

Before commenting, please note:

No asset needs different stats, PLAYERS want different stats, depending on how they play this game. So if you feel this asset is OP, feel free to adjust stats for your individualneeds yourself. Unless all your fingers are broken, you are able to do this for yourself in the game’s asset editor – then again, if your fingers were broken, you could not make a comment.

Credits: LegionOfMe

File Details:781 KB / ZIP
Download Cities:Skylines – New Recycling Center -


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