Cities:Skylines – IPT – Improved Public Transport 3.8.8

– Control the vehicle count on your transport lines. Add or remove vehicles or enable automatic budget control.
– Control the types (custom vehicle assets) of vehicles on your transport line.– Vehicle unbunching (formerly bus stop interval).
– Vehicle Editor for public transport vehicles, change the capacity, ticket price, maintenance cost and maximum speed.
– Stop Info Panel which shows stop related informations (like waiting Cims) and also allows you to name your stops.
– Enable engine on both sides for trains.
– Adds another metro to the game when you download Metro – London 1992 Stock (4 car)
– Fixes the visual appearance of D3S Solaris Urbino 24 Concept.

Credit(s): DontCryJustDie

Download - Cities:Skylines – IPT – Improved Public Transport 3.8.8

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