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Cities:Skylines – Able Hotel (60° CornerBuilding )


Cornerbuilding Able Hotel for Cities Skylines. Mod Steam Version Download.

Note: Required Ploppable RICO

Able Hotel by Jerenable

This is an origional building by me, I ofcourse did use some inspiration from other buildings (kudos to you if you can find out which). About the building, I made this a 60 deg corner building, cause i found that there were to little corner buildings in this game. This building is a freeplop building wich means you can freely rotate the building and place it in your city I think this makes it easy to get it lined up just right.

main tri: 1728
main tex: 1024^2
lod tri: 247
lod tex: 256^2

This building has RICO support and will be needed to use this as an hotel otherwise this building can be found under parks and plazas.

Credits: Jerenable

File Details:1 MB / ZIP
Download Cities:Skylines – Able Hotel (60° CornerBuilding ) -


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