Cities: Skylines – Electric Car Factory Update

Electric Car Factory Update for Cities: Skylines. I changed also The cost was 30000 now is 100000 maintaince was 15000 now 1000 trucks was 10 now 13 I make also from the total original input…

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Cities: Skylines – Indiana Cotton Mill (Cannelton) Clothing Factory by ChiliadSun

Indiana Cotton Mill (Cannelton) Clothing factory by ChiliadSun for Cities: Skylines Cannelton Cotton Mill, also known as Indiana Cotton Mill, is a National Historic Landmark of the United States located in Cannelton, Indiana, United States….

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Cities: Skylines – WOLF SYSTEM FACTORY

WOLF SYSTEM FACTORY for Cities: Skylines Wolf System da 30 anni nella filiale italiana produce e installa costruzioni industriali, agricole e vasche per l’agricoltura. Nel 2017 è stata affiancata da Wolf Haus, che utilizzando sempre…

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Cities Skylines – Restored Colossal Industries (Unique Factory Version)

A 15×8 Unique Factory based on the abandoned factory model. Inspired by GiometryE’s conversion of the same building. For the Unique Building + RICO version, click here. Prefab Stats: UI Category: Garbage and Industry-Unique Factories…

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