Cities: Skylines – Modern Apartments #1

Modern Apartments #1 for Cities: Skylines. Change note: Updated LOD 76 tris and this uses the same texture as Modern Apartment 2… Win! So more Ram for you My first Residential buildings High residential apartments…

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Cities: Skylines – Modern Dutch Midrise 4

Modern Dutch midrise 4 for Cities: Skylines. Modern Dutch midrise 4 by Jerenable RICO files included, residential high.

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Cities: Skylines – Lever House

Lever House for Cities: Skylines Hi everyone, I’m so sorry that i have gone for such a long time, as I was quite busy the last few weeks. But i’m back here to share my…

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Cities: Skylines – Tour Perret

Tour Perret for Cities: Skylines. The “Tour Perret” is located in Grenoble, France. Build in 1924 by Auguste Perret, it was the first reinforced concrete tower in Europe. Unique bulding, tourists 50-50-50 Main model :…

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Cities: Skylines – 75 Degree Montreal Corner

75 Degree Montreal Corner for Cities: Skylines. Based on 730 Wellington Street in Montreal 75° degree corner high density commercial RICO 2×4 5530 tris 1536×512 diffuse, normal, spec, color, illumination Custom LOD 44 tris 128×128…

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Cities: Skylines – Catedral de Santa María, Lugo (Lugo Cathedral)

Catedral de Santa María, Lugo (Lugo Cathedral) for Cities: Skylines. Saint Mary’s Cathedral[], Lugo, Galiza (Spain). 70 hours of work into this asset, meant to be one of the most detailed ones I ever did….

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Cities: Skylines – 100 North Main Street

100 North Main Street for Cities: Skylines. An office tower in downtown Memphis, TN. The large “UP Bank” sign was removed in 2005 when Union Planters bank which was headquartered in Memphis was acquired by…

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Cities: Skylines – Home of Croatian Artists (HDLU)

Home of Croatian Artists (HDLU) for Cities: Skylines. Home of Croatian Artists (HDLU), better known as the Meštrović Pavilion, is a round modernist art gallery and exhibition space in Zagreb designed by the renowned Croatian…

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