Cities: Skylines – Railway Catenaries (German Concrete)

Railway Catenaries (German Concrete) for Cities: Skylines. Technical Details Truss style catenaries. COMPLETE SET Contains: Single, Double, Middle catenaries (substyle), Single and double end catenaries, Compatibility Can also be used with Network Skins 2 on any other rail network without needing Railway Replacer. Acknowledgements Part of Railway project Required Mod …

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Cities: Skylines – Colorful Umbrellas

Colorful umbrellas for Cities: Skylines. Information: The umbrellas are not only used to shelter us from the rain, or merely the sun’s rays, but also to draw everyone’s attention to their colorful and three-dimensional shape. Thus they have become an attraction in the streets of some cities of the world. …

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Cities: Skylines – Lugo Garages

Lugo Garages for Cities: Skylines. Some garages required by Modern Lugo Houses, to set a bit of variation in the ground floors. If you don’t have these, you will see a hole in them. 5 models as random variations of the same prop. Very low tris. 512x textures.

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