Cities: Skylines – Open Source Community Garden

Open Source Community Garden for Cities: Skylines. Open Source Community Garden by galenlaconis Required Assets: Toronto Union Prop Pack ?id=841209164 @REV0 Plant #2 (by Breeze) ?id=574445493 @Breeze tomato plant ?id=578739859 @GiometryE Soldyne’s Corn Stalk ?id=id=452247773 @Soldyne Fruits – Apple tree ?id=644780908 @Ston3D

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Cities: Skylines – Markers Animals (Pack)

Markers Animals (Pack) for Cities: Skylines. Allows animals to spawn on the map from this point. Use in map editor and game. Сreate maps with animals and Safari parks. Includes 15 Types: Antelope Bison Chimpanzee Dolphin Elephant Flamingo Giraffe Gorilla Humpback Whale Lion Manta Ray Moose Reindeer Rhino Swan Informations: …

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