Cities:Skylines – Italian Police Station

Italian Police Station build for Cities:Skylines.

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Cities:Skylines – Italian Police Vehicle Pack

This package contains all the templates to use for the Italian police station, both in the version that Prop Vehicle .

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Cities:Skylines – Police Headquarter

Police Headquarter by Tante Tinnitus Polys: 1.814

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Cities:Skylines – Kliekie – Recycling Center

Don’t you just hate those big ugly garbage landfills and polluted noisy incineration plants? Tired of big recycling centers? Take this 4×4 snug fit mini recycling center! It will collect all the garbage and just…

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Cities:Skylines Pine Motel

Pine Motel by Simulant (My first ever asset!) .Plot 5 x 6 Monument Level 1 2430 Tris 1024 x1024 Texture custom LOD 62 Tris 512 x 512 Texture

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Cities:Skylines – Red Hawk Elementary Kindergarten

The Red Hawk Kindergarten building contains the same number of classrooms and students as the default Elementary School, but the service area is 1/5th the size. Use it in conjunction with the Elementary School or…

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Cities:Skylines – Red Hawk Elementary Gymnasium

he Red Hawk Elementary Gym contains only two classrooms capible of teaching 75 students. A full service lunchroom and kitchen, Auditorium, and well-stocked gymnasium allow it’s service area to be massive. Use it in conjunction…

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Cities:Skylines – Red Hawk Elementary School

The Red Hawk Elementary School building contains a large number of classrooms, use it as a the center module for the Kindergarten and the Gymnasium or as a stand-alone larger capacity school.

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