Cities: Skylines – Bruck Map

Bruck Map for Cities: Skylines. For this map I stayed in my home country, Austria, and the region around Bruck an der Mur. It comes with a picturesque landscape, all connections and sufficient space to…

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Cities: Skylines – Shigaki Map

Shigaki Map for Cities: Skylines. MODS SETTING 1. 81 Tiles Unlock all tiles for free 2.Theme Mixer Base Theme : Seychelles Texture Setting Grass : Laviante 1.41 Ruined : Laviante 1.41 Pavement : Laviante 1.41…

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Cities: Skylines – Taxi Gta SA

Taxi GTA SA for Cities: Skylines. Taxi(Premier) from GTA San Andreas

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Cities: Skylines – Daewoo New BS090 Gbus

DAEWOO NEW BS090 GBUS for Cities: Skylines. Zyle DAEWOO NEW BS090 GBUS Capasity : 44 Speed : 80km/h This asset has side markers using Additive Shader mod. You can use it, but side marker lights…

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Cities: Skylines – Modern Lowrise Condo

Modern Lowrise Condo for Cities: Skylines. Same as my previous version with no glass covered restaurant outside 4×4 level 3 high density residential 2036 tris 1024×512 diffuse, color, specularity, normal, illumination Glass balcony submesh 226…

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Cities: Skylines – Modular Bus Stop (Deco)

Modular Bus Stop (Deco) for Cities: Skylines. This is the taxi shelter from afterdark but i re-edit it as a bus stop no taxi,s wil come to this asset

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Cities: Skylines – D3S Liaz-5292.65 Aeroexpress

D3S LiAZ-5292.65 Aeroexpress for Cities: Skylines. LiAZ-5292.65 Aeroexpress standard 12m twin-axle 3 doors capacity 70 Other works …

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Cities: Skylines – Custom Catenary Network (Large Catenary)

Custom Catenary Network (large catenary) for Cities: Skylines This Addon will help you to structure your overhead cables in a nice and realistic way, without having too many single catenarys in one big random cluster….

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