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Cities: Skylines – 1920s American Highrise

1920s American Highrise for Cities: Skylines Meant to look like a generic 1920s highrise that you’d find in pretty much any North American city 4×2 corner office L3 growable 10030 tris 1024×2048 textures diffuse, color, spec, illumination and normal maps custom LOD 36 tris LOD baked 256×256 textures custom foundation …

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Cities: Skylines – Mon1 Office

MON1 Office for Cities: Skylines Update: I smoothened the normal map, the slate tiles looked a lot too rock-like for my taste. Please ignore the screenshots in that regard. For this building, I’ve spent almost half day trying to find away to make it look at least somewhat pretty in …

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Cities: Skylines – K210 Office

K210 Office for Cities: Skylines Cologne is somewhat (in)famous for its maybe not necessarily ugly, but arguably lackluster, uninspired and sometimes downright weird post-war architecture. This building and my others like it may well be contributing factors here. Available as Office and High Commercial verions. Data Tris: 2436 (LOD: 26) …

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