Cities: Skylines – Prop Painter

Prop Painter for Cities: Skylines Prop Painter allows you to paint props that you select in Move It. It’s like Painter, but for Props, so it’s Prop Painter. Original, I am, yes. You can select more than one prop at once. If you select things other than props, only props …

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Cities: Skylines – Railway Buffer & Tunnel Catenary (German)

Railway Buffer & Tunnel Catenary (German) for Cities: Skylines Railway: Germany Twitter for progress updates Workshop Portfolio Support via Paypal[] Support via Patreon[] Requests, Contact[] Buffer and tunnel catenary duo for the German style. These assets are compulsory to have a complete German reskin. Technical Details PROP PACK: That contains …

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Cities: Skylines – Laviante 2.0

Laviante 2.0 for Cities: Skylines. You can dump all theme textures (how to on, do whatever you want with them.. Used 1k – 4k textures. Cliff optimized for Coastal maps. Sand texture with soft brush creates ruined texture, use with combination with oil (or ore) Sand use under water, …

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