Cities: Skylines – Petruk’s Intersection

Petruk’s Intersection for Cities: Skylines. An intersection designed by engineer Victor Petruk from Kyiv. Features 3 levels, reverse roundabout for left turns and separate level for pedestrians. Has higher throughput and takes less space than…

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Cities: Skylines – E11-D59 5 Way Interchange + Avenue

E11-D59 5 way interchange + Avenue for Cities: Skylines. Bluewaters E11-D59 5 way interchange + Avenue entrance / exit or a 6 way interchange depending on how you use it Full access all directions. Triple…

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Cities: Skylines – Exo Double Crossover Interchange

Exo Double Crossover Interchange for Cities: Skylines. The left turning traffic have been sped up with the unique angles and curves. Although Traffic Manager: President Edition isn’t required to build this interchange, the lane connector…

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Cities: Skylines – Wylandts Real Life Ramps #2

Wylandt’s real life ramps #2 for Cities: Skylines. Simple ramp with raised roundabouts. Overpass road can be upgraded.

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Cities: Skylines – Highway Intersection Mod

Highway Intersection for Cities: Skylines.

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Cities: Skylines – Inside Cloverleaf

Inside Cloverleaf for Cities: Skylines. This time, I copied Agus IngNavy Interchange  The less curve version of his interchange Size: 76×76 Height: -6 to 6m Ploppable with Slope Limiter Mod on

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Cities: Skylines – 3-Way Roundabout Interchange

3-way Roundabout Interchange for Cities: Skylines. This is 3-way highway interchange with a roundabout. It can handle quite a lot of traffic going through it. If you would like to increase the capacity even more,…

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Cities: Skylines – Efficient Roundabout 8×8

Efficient Roundabout 8×8 for Cities: Skylines. Connect your roads with this big 8×8 Roundabout.

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