Cities Skylines – Side Yards 1

Side Yards 1 by tenyka This small 4×8 park functions like a park and looks like low-density residential side yards. Gives leisure buff in a small radius. EDITTED: Fixed lot misproportions, works as intended now.

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Community Parking 2

Cities Skylines – Community Parking 2 (8×8)

Community Parking 2 (8×8) by stephenrmerrill Required Mod: XAVE PROP Rose Bush White Stripes Decal Square Handicap Parking Decal Manicured Grass Decal

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Railway Private Load Zone

Cities Skylines – Railway Private Load Zone #1

Loading and unloading zone for freight trains, ideal for a private company. Size 16×8 that includes a junction with wagons and locomotive, a warehouse and a large size container depot. The guard post provides surveillance,…

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Miyagi Motors rail back

Cities Skylines – Miyagi Motors rail back

A back piece for the cargo station. To connect the road and track to this you’ll need some sort of road anarchy mod, as well as if you want to continue the track across the…

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Cities Skylines – Roundabout Pearl 6×6 Park

All thanx go to the original creator as well. You can plop this roundabout-park everywhere (it comes along without the roads and is circular). It doesn’t need to be attached to a road and that’s…

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