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Cities: Skylines – Bordeaux Flat 1 Corner [France]

Bordeaux Flat 1 Corner [France] for Cities: Skylines. Traditional 3-storeys wall-to-wall stone city flat from Bordeaux, France. Level 3 high-density commercial growable. This majestic corner building houses the Strechnitz Bank, named after my awesome Patron Strechnitz! Model main model tris: 4521textures: 1024×1024 (diffuse-normal-specular-alpha-colour-illumination) LOD tris: 24 textures: 128×128 (diffuse-specular-colour-illumination)

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Cities: Skylines – Officeworks

Officeworks for Cities: Skylines. My first upload, will and would appreciate the feedback! Officeworks is a chain of Australian office supplies stores operated under parent company Wesfarmers. Officeworks is a category killer within the office supplies product category. Each of its stores carries more than 30,000 products, to which it …

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