Cities: Skylines – American Suburban 13

American Suburban 13 for Cities: Skylines. I did not model this house, I simply took over the asset of BoldlyBuilding from which I removed all the decoration from the garden so that I could do…

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Cities: Skylines – Vanilla Ship Ploppable Pack

Vanilla Ship Ploppable Pack for Cities: Skylines. A pack containing both of the vanilla ships and the ferry added in the Mass Transit DLC as poppables. They actually float on the water! This pack contains:…

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Cities: Skylines – Musee Du Petit Palais AvignonNON

Musee Du Petit Palais Avignon for Cities: Skylines.

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Cities: Skylines – Campus DLC Blocks

Campus DLC blocks for Cities: Skylines. Campus DLC blocks by SvenBerlin Campus DLC Blocks Blocks for custom building of Campus DLC areas. Included are 3 assets: 1 University Administration Building 1 Trade School Administration Building…

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Cities: Skylines – Toll Booth 2L Elev 0m (2×6)

Toll Booth 2L Elev 0m (2×6) for Cities: Skylines.

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Cities: Skylines – BP Gas Station [RICO]

BP Gas Station [RICO] for Cities: Skylines. “Everyday, Brighter” BP is a British oil corporation with 1000’s of service stations in over 70 countries around the world. This asset was based off this location in…

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Cities: Skylines – Grand Serail

Grand Serail for Cities: Skylines. The Grand Serail is the headquarters of the Prime Minister of Lebanon. It is situated atop a hill in downtown Beirut a few blocks away from the Lebanese Parliament building….

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Cities: Skylines – Atsukawa Building

Atsukawa Building for Cities: Skylines. My first ever custom asset for the game! Building size: 4×3 tiles Building Height: 8 storeys (21m)

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